Better Protection for Your Employees & Their Families

Identity theft can have a long-lasting impact on victims. Give your employees the valuable benefit of greater peace of mind with award-winning identity theft protection.

An employer's guide to unemployment fraud and better identity theft protection

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Help Employees. Help Your Company.
The ID Watchdog Difference

With ID Watchdog’s award-winning credit and identity monitoring, you can help your employees better protect themselves—and their families—against identity theft. 

  • More for Families

    ID Watchdog offers expanded family plans and more safeguards that help better protect minor children than any other provider.

  • Best-in-Class Customer Care

    We take great pride in our 99% Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).1 You have greater peace of mind knowing we are supporting your employees every step of the way.

  • Seamless, end-to-end support

    From turn-key enrollment and ongoing education to best-in-class service and resolution, we do the heavy lifting so you can provide a value-added benefit to employees and their families.

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Javelin Identity Protection Service Provider Leader

Awarded 'Best in Class' in Identity Protection Services as well as a Leader in three categories

  1. 99% Customer Satisfaction Score based on customer surveys conducted after service calls from Jan 1, 2021 to Aug 31, 2021.