Control & Manage

Customize what you want to be alerted on and how you want to be notified. Activate a lock feature for added control over your credit report(s).

More Control and Customized Alerts = Greater Peace of Mind
Control & Manage Feature Descriptions (feature availability varies by plan)
Subprime Loan Block1

Blocks new, unsecured subprime loan transactions, such as payday, high-cost installment, rent-to-own, and other loans outside of the traditional banking system but within our monitored lending network. Notifies you in near real-time when a loan is blocked. To accept a loan, you'll need to remove the block. If you do not recognize the activity, the alert could signal potential fraud.

Credit Report Lock2

Depending on your plan, lock or unlock access to your 1-Bureau credit report (Equifax) or Multi-Bureau  credit reports (Equifax and TransUnion®) through your ID Watchdog account with certain exceptions. Locking your credit report(s) is an effective way to provide additional protection against unauthorized access and to help better protect against identity thieves from opening new accounts in your name.

Equifax Child Credit Lock

Through your ID Watchdog account, activate a Child Credit Lock for your minor child to help better protect against credit fraud in your child’s name by creating an Equifax credit report for your child then locking it to prevent access to it by potential lenders and creditors. ID Watchdog is the only benefits provider with online child lock capabilities.

Personal VPN & Safe Browsing

Access the internet securely and privately with a NordVPN account. Get high-speed, encrypted connections on up to 6 devices at the same time.

Password Manager

Create and store complex passwords, and synchronize and manage passwords across devices.

Social Account Monitoring

Notifies you of potential cyberbullying or reputation-damaging information directed at you or your family on social media. Link up and monitor your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts as well as those of minor children included in your plan.

Social Account Takeover Alerts

Notifies you within minutes if we detect social media account activity that could indicate account takeover of a monitored social media account.

Integrated Fraud Alerts3

Through your dashboard, activate fraud alerts on your credit reports across the three nationwide credit bureaus and provide your contact information. Fraud alerts encourage lenders to take extra steps to verify your identity before extending credit.

Customizable Alert Options

Set your preferences, and receive alerts via email, text message, phone call, or mobile app push notification. Family plan members can opt to share their alerts with other adult family members.

Equifax Blocked Inquiry Alerts

When your Equifax credit report is locked or frozen, we'll alert you if an attempt to access it is blocked. If you recognize the activity and want to allow the inquiry, you'll need to remove the lock or freeze. If you do not recognize the activity, the alert could signal potential fraud.

Financial Accounts Monitoring

Set custom alert triggers for credit card, checking, savings, and investment accounts so you can monitor account balances and transactions and watch for signs of fraudulent activity.

Registered Sex Offender Reporting

Searches for sex offenders in your area, and alerts you when offenders move into or out of the neighborhood. Reports include map, offender photo, and offense details. Run up to 10 reports on any address each month.

National Provider Identifier Monitoring

If you are a healthcare provider, this feature monitors the National Provided ID (NPI) database for changes associated with your NPI number and alerts you if your account has been modified in a way that, if unrecognized, could indicate identity theft.

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  1. The monitored network does not cover all businesses or transactions.

  2. Locking your Equifax or TransUnion credit report will prevent access to it by certain third parties. Locking your Equifax or TransUnion credit report will not prevent access to your credit report at any other credit reporting agency. Entities that may still have access to your Equifax or TransUnion credit report include: companies like ID Watchdog and TransUnion Interactive, Inc. which provide you with access to your credit report or credit score, or monitor your credit report as part of a subscription or similar service; companies that provide you with a copy of your credit report or credit score, upon your request; federal, state, and local government agencies and courts in certain circumstances; companies using the information in connection with the underwriting of insurance, or for employment, tenant or background screening purposes; companies that have a current account or relationship with you, and collection agencies acting on behalf of those whom you owe; companies that authenticate a consumer’s identity for purposes other than granting credit, or for investigating or preventing actual or potential fraud; and companies that wish to make pre-approved offers of credit or insurance to you. To opt out of pre-approved offers, visit

  3. The Integrated Fraud Alert feature is made available to consumers by Equifax Information Services LLC and fulfilled on its behalf by Identity Rehab Corporation.