5 Things to Look for in an Identity Theft Protection Benefit

5 Things to Look for in an Identity Theft Protection Service

No one is immune to identity theft and if it becomes fraud, the effect can be wide-reaching regardless of income, education, or generation. Fraudsters are taking advantage of increasing digital dependence to steal personal and financial information— victimizing 40 million U.S. consumers in 2022 for $43 billion in identity fraud losses.1

With such risk, turning to an identity protection service to help protect the identities and finances of employees and their families seems prudent to explore. By helping contribute to your employees’ financial health through identity theft protection as a benefit, you can help position your company as an organization that helps take care of its employees, potentially strengthening your efforts in recruiting and retaining top talent. But, with so many services and features being touted in the market, how do you know what you need in an identity protection service and what might just be noise? 

All features are not created equally, nor are they all significantly effective in their ability to help protect against identity fraud. In our eBook, 5 Things to Look for in an Identity Theft Protection Benefit, we identify five components of identity theft protection that are essential in helping you give your employees and their families more of the protection they need and the greater peace of mind they deserve:

  1. Protection From Day 1
  2. Features for the Whole Family
  3. Protection for your devices, data, and online reputations
  4. Safeguards for your credit and financial accounts
  5. Support when you need it and managed resolution help til it’s over

Download it now to learn more about the scope and strength of these elements and why they should not be ignored as you shop for the right solution to better safeguard the identities of your employees and their families.