Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ID Watchdog announces official data partnership with Acxiom

ID Watchdog and Acxiom Corporation have entered into an 5-year agreement, giving ID Watchdog exclusive rights to distribute data from Acxiom's extensive database collection. As a global leader in data aggregation, Acxiom will allow ID Watchdog to provide their customers with unparalleled data monitoring and investigation services.

“Acxiom’s reputation in the data world is second to none, and we are excited to help them leverage their core databases within the business-to-consumer market,” said Justin Yurek, ID Watchdog’s president. “This expansion of data will substantially improve the ID Watchdog experience for our existing and potential customers, as our product is continually evolving to provide the best identity theft protection available.”

For more information on this partnership, please read the official press release.


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