Thursday, June 11, 2009

ID Watchdog partners with Slam the Online Scam to fight cyber-crime

ID Watchdog recognizes the growing threat of cyber-crime, which has been gaining media attention since President Obama’s recent call to action. In addition to our arsenal of products to protect, detect and resolve identity theft on our customers’ behalves, we are also contributing to consumer advocacy programs.

ID Watchdog has recently partnered with one such program, Slam the Online Scam, an online initiative that seeks to inform and protect consumers from this growing epidemic.

According to their website, “Slam the Online Scam is a national public-education campaign which combats cyber attacks by empowering computer users with tools, tips and techniques to be self-secure. The campaign’s website includes advice on how to recognize and avoid online scams. It also notifies users of the latest online threats and is packed with recent articles and online safety reports.”

Please see their web site for helpful resources and important tips


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