Thursday, April 2, 2009

ID Watchdog Featured by Identity Theft Labs, a site run by a group of professionals dedicated to informing consumers about Identity Theft protection, recently featured ID Watchdog as a leading supplier of superior services. The site's home page features a comparison of similar services, showing how our comprehensive services stack up against our competitors, and giving us an overall rating of "excellent," based on these findings.

The site provides a review of ID Watchdog's services, pointing out that, "ID Watchdog is the only service that can detect identity theft from all points of vulnerability." The review highlights our leg up over competitors, who focus solely on credit records and placing fraud alerts on customers' accounts. As the review indicates, ID Watchdog "differentiates itself" by scanning thousands of databases including DMV records, medical records, utility bills, credit bureaus, government databases, PayDay loans, and much more. The review also points to ID Watchdog's one-of-a-kind resolution guarantee. As the review notes, "They are one of the few companies that actually do the hard work with minimal involvement on your part. Most others have you do the majority of the work as they only provide assistance and advice." also highlights their decision to feature ID Watchdog by endorsing the service on their identity theft prevention blog. According to today's post, titled "ID Watchdog, Our new Identity Theft Protection Service," three things stood out to the experts at Identity Theft Labs: Our comprehensive monitoring service, our 100% resolution guarantee, and the excellent customer service we provide in resolving any issue that happens on our watch.


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