Saturday, February 28, 2009

ID Watchdog Guides the Colorado Bankers Association

ID Watchdog recently contributed to an article in the Colorado Bankers Association’s bi-monthly newsletter, Colorado Banker. In this article, ID Watchdog sheds some light on the various types of identity theft, including much more than financial theft. As the article points out, it is important for identity theft protection services to utilize database monitoring to make sure all facets of their consumers are protected. This can include DMV records, utilities, medical reports, criminal records, and anything else with which a person’s social security number can be connected.

ID Watchdog monitors thousands of databases containing our customers’ personal information, checking against an approved baseline report in order to detect any changes that may indicate an identity theft attempt. Knowing that only 20% of identity theft has anything to do with credit, ID Watchdog is committed to keeping all of their customers’ identities safe.

Read the full story here. (Page 8)


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